Excavator Hire


Late Model, Smart Excavators with full safety specifications for your project

Our machines can cater to your project and have on board the following features:

  • 3D GPS Machine Control capabilities
  • Height, Slew and Depth Restrictors
  • Payload Systems
  • Zero Swing
  • Autonomous Control
  • 360 Degree view birds eye cameras
  • Full Safety specifications
  • Short or Long Boom configurations
  • Full range of attachments – Tilt hitch, Rock saws, Rock Hammers, Sieve Buckets
  • Ground Level maintenance

You need it – we will make it happen.

Make your construction project easier and more productive with leading edge technology on our Excavators from Alltracks Plant Hire. Excavators move large quantities of material in a short amount of time with minimum effort, making them ideal for demolition, general earthworks for infrastructure projects and general landscaping. Also called mechanical shovels or diggers, excavators are essential tools on any building site.

At Alltracks Plant Hire, we operate one of the youngest excavator fleets on the Australian mainland, so you gain access to the latest technology every time you hire a machine. Enjoy 3D GPS Machine Control, in-cab comfort features and a host of cutting-edge attachments to help you get the job done.

Why Hire an Excavator?

Excavators are extremely expensive to purchase, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each. With technology and machinery changing so quickly, it can be hard to justify such a large depreciating asset expense. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring or renting, rather than buying, an excavator:

  • You can save tens of thousands of dollars in capital costs, maintenance, depreciation and loss of production and income if the machine breaks down or is not fully utilised. Allocate your money to the parts of your business where you will realise a great return!
  • You get well-maintained machines with full service and safety records
  • You can rent useful excavator attachments when and as required
  • You can quote or tender on a larger variety of works – just because you don’t own the machine doesn’t mean you can’t bid on the project
  • You benefit from the latest excavator technology, like Intelligent Machine Control GPS, Payload systems,
  • You don’t have to find storage space for an excavator or worry about residual costs, financing or selling the equipment
  • You can drive the excavator or hire a machine with an operator — it’s up to you

If you need specialist excavation equipment hire, such as zero-swing, short boom machines for tunnelling and or long boom machines for dredging, we can provide that too.

Compact Excavator Hire

If you need a small excavator, you can choose from a number of compact models at Alltracks Plant Hire. We offer 3 and 5-tonne mini excavator models for pond excavation, pool earthworks, tight access and finishing works such as landscaping. They’re ideal for space-limited construction sites, use minimal fuel and dig down to about 3.6 metres. Larger Mini excavators in our fleet include 8-tonne models for slightly bigger jobs, which can dig down to roughly 4.5 and 5.2 metres.

Medium & Large Excavator Hire

Standard excavators are ideal for most construction, mining, pipeline and road projects. They range in size from 12 tonne to 50 tonnes and including the Next Gen range with features like Payload, semi-Autonomous control and GPS Machine control  to make projects easier. Ideal for trenching and picking up large amounts of rock and soil, standard excavators are some of the most hired machines in the Alltracks Plant Hire fleet.

For genuinely challenging construction projects, hire a large excavator from Alltracks Plant Hire. With heavy-duty machines ranging in size from 36 to 50 tonnes, we can supply the machinery you need for intensive farming projects, river dam construction projects and mining operations. Our biggest model can dig down to 7.5 metres and has a joystick console, air suspension and ROPS-certified cab design. These industrial workhorses are ideal for demanding projects in rough terrain.

Rent-to-Buy & Purchase Options

At Alltracks Plant Hire, the benefits of excavator hire go way beyond single-job contracts. If you’re in the market for an excavator of your own, you can get a feel for the machine by renting it first. We also offer a rent-to-own or Prucahse option on many of our models, including low houred, well maintained ex-rental machines, which can save you money over buying new. We have a range of sizes, many of which with warranty remaining.

For more information about rent-to-buy, purchasing or excavator hire near you, call 1300 515 000, email info@alltracksplanthire.com.au or simply walk into your closest branch.


Curious about Excavator and Operator Hire Options? We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about excavators below.

Does Alltracks Plant Hire offer Australia-wide excavator hire?

Yes, we do. We can send excavators to any location in Australia, from the coast to the middle of the bush. We help our clients work on pipeline, mining, civil engineering, maintenance, infrastructure and rail projects all over the country — including in rural and remote locations. If you can get there, we can get there.

Can I get an operator with my excavator?

Yes, we have a team of plant operators and plant managers who can help you with your project. The Work Health & Safety Act of 2011 removed the EPC certification requirement for heavy machinery operation, but if you have a verification of competency, you can also drive the excavator yourself.

What excavators do we have on offer?

We have a wide range of excavators, from 3-tonne machines for general building work to 50-tonne machines for major civil engineering and road development projects. We can also supply specialist machines, such as short tunnel boom and zero-swing excavators. Our latest range of Next Generation Machines are the latest in technology coupled to increase productivity at less cost. 

What is the right excavator for my job?

To choose the right excavator, consider the work you need to do. For a small job, hire a smaller excavator like a 3T or a 5T model; if you need to move hundreds of tonnes of earth in a short time period, select a more powerful model. For work near walls or in enclosed conditions, choose a zero-swing excavator for nimble operation. If you need help choosing the ideal machine for your project, just get in touch.

How can I hire an excavator near me?

Excavator hire is easy: Just visit your closest location or give us a ring on 1300 515 000 or email info@alltracksplanthire.com.au to get a quote. You can also submit the form on our contact page.