Dependable, Flexible and Production Driven Plant Hire

We offer Quality Equipment, Driven People and a Reliable Service with 21st century technology to increase efficiency and give you data on productivity.



Australia Wide Specialists in Wet & Dry Hire of Machinery

We are committed to ensure we are at the forefront of Safety, Environment, Quality and Technology throughout the Earthmoving Industry in Australia


Dependable, Flexible and Production Driven Plant Hire

Earthmoving Equipment Hire with the best brands for a proven track record.


Machine & Earthmoving Equipment Hire

We strive to be the best Plant Hire Company Solution provider in Australia and the South Pacifc region delivering outstanding value for our customers on every project.

We value the competitiveness of the industry, and ensure we can back your project to ensure we go above and beyond your expectations.

With our team of Plant Operators, personalised plant managers, feld technicians and backup support, you be can be assured responsiveness and flexibility to provide the equipment you need when and where you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Earthmoving Equipment Hire You Can Rely On

National Partner

Alltracks Plant Hire has the ability to service your project nationwide, including in rural and remote areas on any of our service offerings. We work with you on Civil, Mining, Energy, Maintenance, Rail, Infrastructure and Pipeline projects

Customer Support

We have a fresh approach to customer service. We do what we do best, and give you the equipment and advice you need, when you need it. We build relationships with you to take care of whatever you need from us

Equipment Compliance

We are 100% Compliant with most Civil (G22) & Mining sites in Australia.. Our plant is increasingly full Tier 4 Emissions compliant reducing our Environmental impact. We’re built to adapt to you.

Leaders in Technology

Earthmoving technology provides you an increased amount of productivity and efficiency. Safety controls, Productivity, Semi Autonomous Control, 3D GPS Machine Control, Payload systems & Data Analytics. We bring you the latest innovations.

Heavy-duty plant equipment and machinery require quite an investment if you’re buying your own products. Not to mention the time, dedication, and effort they need to stay in excellent condition as you continue using them.

That’s why plant and machinery hire is your best option. Regardless of the scope of your project, you can rely on construction machinery rental and have the best-rated tools for any task.

Alltracks Plant Hire is one of the leading plant hire companies in Australia and your most reliable partner for all your machine rental needs.

Alltracks Plant Hire – Your Reliable Strategic Partner

With years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to ensure that your projects are finished quickly and efficiently. Our main goal is to provide you with world-class services that maximise your uptime and keep you operational.

We offer construction equipment rentals that will be at your disposal whenever you need them. Our expert plant managers, field technicians, and backup support teams refuse to lose 24/7, so you can rest assured you’ll receive our undivided attention.

We are fully licensed, holding Statutory and Government registrations for Plant & Equipment, and we always ensure all safety regulations are met without exceptions.

You can count on us to be your most trusted strategic partner who delivers exceptional results.

Plant and Equipment Hire for Your Projects Across Australia

Regardless of your industry and niche, we have the solutions for all your building and construction needs. Our construction rental is available for:

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil engineering
  • Mining
  • Railways & Road Construction
  • Pipelines
  • Bulk & Detailed Earthmoving Excavation
  • Tunnelling, and more

Our fleet is made up of the highest quality machines that can handle a project of any scope. You can easily scale up or down, rely on construction equipment hire for any number of machines, and ensure the success of any project.

We provide:

Our new-generation equipment is always properly maintained and carefully inspected before it becomes available for construction machinery hire. You’ll be getting only the highest-quality solutions and the best-graded equipment.

As needed, we provide all staff and personnel who will expertly handle the machines and help you achieve your goals in no time.

Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Alltracks Plant Hire provides you with the latest earthmoving technology that ensures the utmost productivity and efficiency. Equipped with the newest safety controls, semi-autonomous control, 3D GPS Machine Control, Payload systems and Data Analytics, our machines will drive results.

Whether you need area clearing, excavation, dust control, soil compaction, or anything in between, we’ll provide you with the machines and technicians who can take care of it all.

Available to you 24/7, earthmoving equipment hire will set the foundations for your success.

Professional Building Equipment Hire

We boast 100% building equipment compliance with virtually all Civil (G22) & Mining sites in Australia and the South Pacific region. We always put safety first, ensuring that you, your employees and contractors, and our expert technicians are always well taken care of.

Our staff go through rigorous safety training, learning how to operate our machines with extreme caution and attention with a focus on the outcome to be achieved. Our machines are frequently inspected and consistently maintained, ensuring they always work exactly how they’re supposed to.

We firmly believe that one accident is one too many, and we’re devoted to keeping your project sites productive and accident-free.

Wet and Dry Machine Hire Solutions

Alltracks Plant Hire’s wet hire solutions are ideal for any work on pipelines and gas lines, roads, bridges, and tunnels, rails, mining, and civil infrastructure projects. They’ll help you stay on top of your most draining tasks and ensure fast completion times.

Our water truck rentals come in three different sizes, helping you handle projects of any scope. 3000L tanks are perfect for restricted areas and inconsistent needs, 8000L tanks are often used in civil engineering projects, and 14000L tanks can handle a construction, Quarry or Mine site of any size.

With our dry hire and rental solutions, we boast an extensive fleet of machinery that will exceed all your expectations. Our earthmoving equipment can be delivered anywhere in Australia, even to some of the most remote locations. So, whether you’re in the middle of a civil engineering project, mining, energy, maintenance, rail, or any project in between, we’ll have your back.

Around-the-Clock Plant Equipment Hire Services to Maximise Your Efficiency

All of our services are available to you 24/7. We offer plant hire machinery suitable across industries that will help you handle any large or small project alike.

So, if you’ve been searching for a “machine rental near me” online, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Alltracks Plant Hire and take care of all your earthmoving equipment needs.


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