Water Truck Hire

Water Trucks

Full dust suppression Solutions.

Our Water Trucks have the following features:

  • Full mine spec setup
  • ROP/FOPS, Handrails, E-Stops etc
  • All in cabin Controls
  • Overhead fillers
  • In cabin control cannons
  • Automatic transmission
  • All differences sizes, 3kL, 8kL and 14kL tank sizes for any project

You need it – we will make it happen.

Having access to the right equipment at the right time can mean the difference between completing your projects and struggling to meet every deadline. With advanced, high-quality tools and machinery, experienced operators, and a reliable strategic partner, you’ll boost your efficiency and handle every task with ease.

At Alltracks Plant Hire, we offer you all the equipment and technicians you need to complete your projects in Australia safely. Whether you’re working on roads and bridges, pipelines, tunnels, civil infrastructure projects, or anything in between, we’ll provide you with superior water truck rental that meets your needs.

Types of Water Trucks

Our water truck and dry hire solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your project’s specific needs. When you’re taking our water tanker for hire, you’ll have the following options to choose from:

  • 3000L Option
  • 8,000L – 10,000L Option
  • 12,000L – 20,000L (Including Mine Spec) Option

Smaller, 3000L water tanks might not be able to carry as much water at once, but they’re ideal for uses in more restricted areas such as building projects on narrow streets, or for when you just don’t need one full time and require someone to drive it on a car licence. These may also be dual purpose being fitted on tipper bodies ready to have the tank lifted off and be used as a tipper instead.

8000L – 10000L water truck rentals are most commonly used in civil engineering. They’re large enough to carry an abundance of water to your site, but still adequately sized so as not to disrupt traffic while you’re working on roads, tunnels, or bridges.

Finally, our 12,000L to 15,000L water tank truck rentals will provide you with all the liquid you need on a construction site of any size. Many projects would never have been completed without one of these big boys.  They work best when suppressing dust, providing adequate power to utilise cannons and multiple spray bar configurations.

The Benefits of Water Cart Hire

Hiring a water cart offers several unique advantages that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. After all, building your own fleet takes great effort, expertise, and investment.

When you opt for an affordable water truck rental, you’ll be receiving machinery, and 24/7 support to ensure maximum uptime, backup support, machine maintenance, personal plan managers, field technicians, experienced operators, and more.

You won’t have to invest time and money into maintaining your water trucks and finding skilled technicians who can handle them. All of it will be taken care of. You’ll have full control of your operations, and we’ll be at your beck and call to provide our services and our fleet.

If you’d still prefer to have your own tank despite these benefits, we do offer rent to buy and purchase options as needed.

Water Cart for Hire – Uses and Applications

Water tankers for hire in Australia have a variety of uses and applications. The following are just some of the examples of how our fleet can help you.

Dust Control with Water Truck Rental

Dust control on construction and mining sites is of critical importance. Without it, working conditions could become extremely hazardous to your employees’  health and cause an abundance of medical issues.

Our large, 12000L – 15,000L water tanks can help to control dust by keeping it on the ground. They’re normally deployed after grading equipment, which prepares the soil. They can also be utilised alongside stabilising works as they are often equipped with a tow hitch.

Water Tank Truck Rental for Firefighting

While firefighters in urban areas have easy access to fire hydrants and other water replenishing options, this isn’t the case in rural areas. Their trucks have large engines that limit the amount of water they can carry, so they need support when rushing to handle fires in remote locations. Water tankers for hire come in as an efficient solution.

Soil Compaction with Water Tanks

Soil compaction is essential on any construction project. Our water truck rentals can help dampen the soil and remove any air from it before rammers, or roller compactors come in and take care of the rest.

Water Truck Rental for Area Clearing

Our water truck fleet can be used in ore mining as well, helping to clear away the areas, remove debris, and get rid of overburden.

Water Delivery with Water Truck Hire

Of course, our water tank truck rentals can also be exceptionally useful for transporting and delivering both recycled and clean water. Recycled water can be used for street washing, sewer flushing, irrigation, and more, while clean water from our water trucks is used for drinking, filling up swimming pools, and the like.

Alltracks Plant Hire – Water Truck and Dry Hire (services + licenses)

If you’ve been searching for “water truck rental near me”, look no further than Alltracks Plant Hire. We are fully licensed, follow the highest industry standards, and have a team of experienced professionals who can offer their services 24/7.

Contact us, and take care of all your watering needs.


What is a water truck?

A water truck is a carrier vehicle with specialised carts and tanks used for transporting recycled and clean water. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

What can a water truck be used for?

A water truck can be used for a variety of different things, including, but not limited to dust control, irrigation, area cleaning, fire control, soil compaction, and clean water delivery to communities without drinking water.

Where can I hire a water truck?

Alltracks Plant Hire offers you water truck rentals at affordable prices. Contact us to find out more about our fleet and the services we offer.

Can I hire a water truck with an operator and driver?

Yes, at Alltracks Plant Hire, we offer both machinery and 24/7 support. You can get personal plan managers, field technicians, experienced operators, and more.