3D GPS Tracker for Heavy Equipment

3D GPS Solutions

We have a full suite of Trimble and Topcon 3D GPS Guidance solutions. Plans can be uploaded straight from the surveyors office to the machine all in one easy method. The machine operator can then work to levels and these can be adjusted and updated by the surveyor as required.

Earthmoving is a complicated and often time-consuming affair. For every site that is easily excavated, there are ones that are as equally difficult to traverse. Compacted, cemented materials and other hard earth can be impossible to remove without the right tools at hand. Alltracks Plant Hire provides Australia with the equipment needed to move even the most stubborn earth, equipped with the latest technology to help the job go more smoothly. GPS-controlled excavators are part of the solution we provide.

What is a GPS-controlled excavator?

Heavy machinery operators must possess a high level of skill to get the job done. Part of that proficiency requires an understanding of using sophisticated excavators equipped with GPS-based grade control systems. GPS has quickly grown as a prime choice for earthmoving technology. Excavator GPS systems allow operating with the confidence of knowing the job will be done right the first time.

How the technology works is quite simple. GPS receiver antennae are mounted to the back of an excavator on or near the counterweight. The positioning of the cutting edge of the bucket is controlled by the angle sensors on the stick, boom, and bucket cylinders, which calibrate the distance between the antennae and bucket. A base station is set up on the job site that sends corrected real-time positioning data to the excavator.

Additionally, the machine operator can plug in a digital 3D topographical map of the site into the excavator’s monitor. The map is then used as a guide in either manual or full automation mode to align the bucket to the precise contours of the design grade.

What are the benefits of a GPS-controlled excavator?

There are numerous benefits to using a GPS-controlled excavator on your next job site. Applications that can benefit from using GPS include:

  • Dredging that includes breakwater and seawall construction
  • Grading of subdivisions, roads, and commercial site preparation
  • Mass excavation for roads and highways or land reclamation
  • Trenching of ditches

One of the biggest benefits of having a GPS on excavators is the ability to have site plans at your fingertips. You also can use the same base station and radio transmitter to guide excavators simultaneously. Other advantages include:

  • Precise digging control to avoid disturbing the soil below grade or having to fill in low spots with fresh material
  • Enhanced safety of men on the job site due to the dig accuracy afforded by the GPS that eliminates the need for surveying and grade checking
  • Precise sloping for gravity-fed systems like pipelines to avoid high or low spots that can disrupt flow
  • Reduced working hours to produce significant cost savings by getting it done right on your first try
  • Improved site management that allows the machine operator continuous workflow without constant interruptions to check accuracy
  • Reduced waste of both materials and resources

Our excavator GPS systems are amongst the best available. Plans are easily uploaded right from the surveyor’s office to the machine, allowing the machine operator to adjust as required.

Choosing the right GPS excavator for hire

Alltracks Plant Hire has at its disposal a well-maintained fleet utilising the latest in 3D GPS technology to ensure maximum uptime on each job site. Our fleet is approved for all civil sites and most mine sites. We can send GPS-controlled excavators for hire Australia-wide, even to the most remote locations. Our team of plant managers and operators are available for hire should the need arise.

Choosing the right GPS excavator depends on the work at hand. Need to work near walls or in other tight spaces? A zero-swing excavator is the right choice. We have an array of excavators that range from 3-tonne machines for general building work to 50-tonne machines for major civil engineering and road development projects. All our next-generation machines include the latest technology designed to increase productivity whilst reducing costs.

When hiring out GPS-controlled excavators, you must identify whether it is a wet hire or a dry hire need. We have the right solution for either situation.

Wet hire involves paying your contractor and the cost of renting out our equipment, fuel supply, and machine operator fees. Dry hires involve renting the equipment only and having one of your team members operate the machinery. There are advantages to each kind of hire.

Not sure which GPS-controlled excavator is the right fit for your needs? We can help you. Enquire with us today and our knowledgeable team members will help identify the ideal machine for the job.

Partnering with us

Alltracks Plant Hire strives to provide the best solutions to meet your job site needs. We treat every job site as if it were our own, ensuring you have the GPS controlled excavators and other equipment needed to get the job done right the first time. Reach out today to hire in with us for your next job.