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Wet Hire Solutions

Alltracks Plant Hire can provide short or long term full wet hire solutions for your project. We can take care of the plant, so you can concentrate on the rest of the project.

Our Wet Hire service includes modern productive machinery, Fuel and Operators.

We will be your strategic partner of choice with only the best operators to ensure your project runs exactly how you need it to.

We can service any project, no matter what the location or size.

  • Roads & Bridges
  • Pipelines, Gas Lines, Solar & Wind Farms
  • Civil Infrastructure projects
  • Rail
  • Tunnels
  • Mining

Our people are experienced with all necessary qualifications to work in any environment.

Available to work around the clock 24 x 7 to your projects requirements.

Wet Hire: How to Know When You Need It and What to Expect

Projects that require equipment or machinery need to be carefully planned to manage cost, time, and manpower. At Alltracks Plant Hire, we understand that making the right decision about what resources to employ and when can make a significant impact on your project deliverables. Sometimes, it pays to leave the details to a company that you can trust so that you can stay focused on the bigger picture. That’s why we offer you our Wet Hire Solutions.

What Is Wet Hire of Equipment?

Once you reach the conclusion that you need to bring in heavy equipment or machinery, you are left to choose between wet and dry hire. 

What’s the difference between wet hire and dry hire? The basic difference is that in Wet Hire, you pay your contractor the cost of renting out equipment, fuel supply and machine operator fees. In contrast, dry hire entails renting the equipment only and having somebody else, perhaps someone you already have in your team, to operate the truck or machine.

What to Consider with Wet Hire Equipment?

One way to end up with the arrangement that suits you best is by answering the question, “Is Wet Hire right for you?”

Here is a quick checklist to help you evaluate if this solution suits your project and your team.

1. Size and Skill of Your Direct Hires

As all project success drills down to how well you manage your resources, including your manpower, one key deciding factor to choose wet hire over dry hire is whether or not you have the people with the right skills to complete the job. If you think you require both artillery and manpower augmentation then wet hire should definitely be an option.

2. Project Scale

The most basic evaluation you can do is to determine how well your resources complement the magnitude and delivery period of your project. Employing equipment and additional workers can considerably cut down the time and effort you need to deliver on your commitments. In which case, wet hire can be a viable arrangement, most especially if you are behind schedule.

3. Cost and Budget Availability

In general, dry hire is cheaper than wet hire. Although cost is not simple and straightforward. For instance, you may end up spending more in onboarding a qualified operator or not being able to reach production targets with your current operator. This also entails opportunity costs corresponding to valuable time lost in the hiring process.

4. Your Project Management Skills

If you are bringing in a robust project management experience then, you must know that some projects are simply too large or too complex for any single contractor to complete. More experienced contractors will be more confident about managing non-direct hire workers while they remain accountable to them.

Pros and Cons of Wet Hire and Dry Hire Solutions

Clearly, there are key advantages and disadvantages inherent in either Wet Hire or Dry Hire contracting.

Pros of Wet Hire

  • You won’t have to worry about finding skilled workers to operate the plant equipment or heavy machinery.
  • You can focus on other areas of your project as you are not required to manage operators directly.
  • You can focus on the outcome rather than the process and push for production

Cons of Wet Hire

  • There is always a possibility that the operators, such as a wet hire excavator, may not be as skilled as you hoped they would be.
  • It may be harder to make operators deliver at the level of quality and efficiency you require.
  • Overall, wet hire is more expensive than dry hire.

Pros Of Dry Hire

  • You can utilise skilled manpower from your own team.
  • You can guarantee safety by ensuring that only skilled manpower will be operating your machines.
  • Accountability is guaranteed.
  • It provides more flexibility in terms of expenditure.

Cons Of Dry Hire

  • You may have to spend time hiring the right person.
  • It entails managing people on a more micro level and may not be suitable for projects executed on a larger scale.
  • Your directly in control of the process and production levels and need to push in order to achieve your outcomes

Read our Wet Hire Solutions page to learn more about how we can become your strategic partner for your projects. In case your requirements include machinery only, find out more about our Dry Hire Solutions.

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We maintain a Tier 4 Emissions Control Compliant fleet, ready to be deployed to all types of project sites 24×7.

Alltracks Plant Hire also leases state-of-the-art productivity optimisation technologies available, such as 3D GPS Solutions, Height, Slew and Floor Restrictors, Semi-Autonomous Control, and Payload and Machine Assisted Loading.

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