Payload and Machine Assisted Loading

Cat Payload and Machine Assisted Loading make for Faster, Cheaper and More Accurate Work

At Alltracks Plant Hire our range of excavators 15 tonne and over can track payloads and build truck lists. The Cat payload technology lets us set up target payloads to ensure trucks are not overloaded or under loaded, tracking accurately the tonnage on each truck load. Machine assisted loading makes it easy to set up a circuit on our range of excavators 15 Tonne and greater which means the operator can pre-set the digging and loading operation so they can work with one hand, maintaining the digging and loading points through Cat grade assist. Alltracks Plant Hire uses Cat payload and machine assisted loading along with other optimisation technology to eliminate human error and keep productivity on track at maximum efficiency.

Perfectly Weighted Trucks with Cat Payload

The Cat payload technology provides real time load weighing to help operators ensure a truck is loaded to exactly the right tonnage. The Cat payload system has over 50 different trucks to choose from, and 20 material options. As the operator loads the bucket, the Cat payload system automatically calculates how much tonnage is remaining in the truck. Tracking loads and cycles becomes completely automated, freeing up the operator to focus on loading. By freeing up these tasks from the operator it ensures each load is completed faster, saving money on fuel and labour costs. Because the tonnage in each truck is tracked in real time, Cat payload ensures that each truck is loaded optimally, every time. Even half a ton underweight on each load adds up quickly, meaning you need to run the trucks for longer and for more loads. That costs time, fuel and means extra labour. Cat payload also stops you from over loading trucks. Aside from potentially massive fines for over loading a truck, keeping the optimal weight reduces fatigue damage on the vehicles in our fleet, and it means less risk of accidents. An overweight truck going down a hill can quickly become very dangerous. You don’t need to worry about that with the Cat payload system running, so Contact Alltracks Plant Hire for optimisation solutions for your project, anywhere in Australia.

Better Grade with Automated Cat Grade Assist Technology

Cat grade assist is an excavator assist technology similar to the slope assist for bulldozers. It allows an operator to work with just one hand while maintaining grade. Unlike 3D solutions, the excavator grade assist is a completely 2D system, so there’s no need for a GPS connection. When using the Cat grade assist, the operator simply sets the target depth and turns on the excavator grade assist function. The excavator then automatically adjusts the boom and bucket angles to maintain grade, and the operator can focus on controlling the speed. It is calculated that their grade assist can cut grading time by up to 45% from traditional grading methods, meaning your project will be done sooner. That’s a large amount of labour hours saved, but it could also save 25% of fuel at the same time, making for hefty financial savings. To top it off, Cat grade assist includes protection features that prevent the cutting edge from penetrating below grade, and prevent the boom, stick and bucket from exceeding a set height, perfect when working with a ceiling. To get the benefits of this higher accuracy and better safety, Contact Alltracks Plant Hire today, we are available 24/7 for all your needs.


What is an assisted payload?

Payload assistance is technology that allows an operator to track the payload weight in real time. The Cat payload system allows an operator to see the load weights on the in-cab monitor, so they know exactly how much tonnage is left in the truck.

What is machine assisted loading?

Machine assisted loading is any loading activity that is assisted by the machinery through the use of operator assistance functions. For example, swing assist on an excavator can stop the swing directly over the truck bed when loading, which saves time. 

Where can I hire a machine with payload and machine assisted loading?

You can hire payload and machine assisted loading excavators from Alltracks Plant Hire. We have a well maintained, modern fleet that uses the latest in technology to maximise uptime. We can provide full wet hire solutions with machinery, fuel and operators, or machinery only if you prefer a dry hire solution and already have operators for the task.

How do you use a CAT grade assist?

To use CAT grade assist an operator sets a benchmark, and then a target depth from that benchmark. Then a desired slope is set. All of this can be done with the joysticks, or on the touch screen. Once set, the operator only needs to use the joystick to adjust the speed of the excavation and the machine maintains grade without additional operator input.

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If you are looking to dry hire equipment in any region of Australia, visit us online. We specialise in safe and efficient earthmoving equipment like an excavator, bulldozer, grader, dump trucks, water trucks, and more. 

Alltracks Plant Hire maintains a fleet of the latest gear, earthmoving attachments, and 3D GPS solutions available for hire all over rural and urban Australia. 

All our equipment is 100% compliant with Civil and Mining sites and is also eco-friendly, following Tier 4 Emission guidelines. For support, advise or to rent equipment, contact our experienced and knowledgeable customer support.

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